آموزش تجارت الکترونیک - Half a day lessons and memories with Mikkel DeMib Svendsen in Tehran
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مشاوره ، طراحی و اجرای مدل تجارت الکترونیکی کسب کار شرکت ها توسط تاجر الکترونیک

Half a day lessons and memories with Mikkel DeMib Svendsen in Tehran 
It was August 19th, a day prior to my speech in entrepreneurship school at Tehran University; I was preparing my speech power point slides, on the role of electronic commerce in entrepreneurship. The night before Hamid Sepidnam had told me that Mikkel has a flight for Copenhagen and his flight from Mashad will land in Tehran at 2:00 pm and he has to be at Imam Khomeini airport at 7:30 pm for his international flight at 10:30 to Copenhagen. As he was busy with the work for the International marketing conference in Mashad I had to be in charge of Mikkel transportation to airport so I agreed and I was there on time on August 19th to pick him up and drive him to the airport. 
The flight from Mashad landed on time in Tehran, all the passengers got out of the exit gate as I could not pass the gate and seeing everybody leaving I got very worried that I might have missed Mikkel and did not see him passing the gate, meanwhile I phoned Kaspid Company and asked Miss Samira Mostafavi to see what has happened but I did not got any results. I got a little more worried but kept calm and ask the officer to let me in to see if there is anybody there waiting for the luggage as I was sure he might be waiting for his luggage to arrive and the officer agreed with my request. As soon as I entered the saloon I realized I was right and I told Mikkel where have you been? I was worried for you and he explained that he has been waiting for his luggage so we got the luggage and headed toward the car. It was such a hot day . I knew Mikkel is very tired he had attended two days conference in Tehran , prior to that trip from Netherland to Tehran , then Tehran to Mashad it was obvious that he was tired. As soon as we reached the car I put his luggage in the car and we got in and turned the Air conditioner on its highest level. I felt relaxed it was almost 2:30 pm. We still had a lot of time left to 7:30. I had not eaten lunch had two hard working days and I was the lecturer of another important conference tomorrow at Tehran’s University but I had no worries for I had my speech ready. 

I had spoken to Miss Samira Mostofi from Kaspid Company to join us and she had accepted. A group of three was much better than a group of two people for a city tour, I did not know where to take Mikkel, I asked him if he had lunch and he said No but he was not hungry so I give him three suggestion for the day to choose from. 
The first option was to go to the Tajrish’s tradition Bazaar , second one to visit Milad Tower and third one was to go to kasian Electronic commerce my work place to have lunch , a little rest until dusk and then to the airport . Mikkel choice was the first option so on the way to the Bazaar I stopped at Azadi Square at the gas station filled up the car tank. The weather was still very warm. 
It was the first time I got to see Mikkel in person, I already knew him from Facebook and we were friends and I always liked the pictures he shared. Mikkel love his children and I have so much respect for him being such a family man. He has a beautiful daughter who is always happy and smiling and more important she is an artist and plays the piono. Mikkel shared her pictures on Facebook and that attract my attention to him for being a very kind father. We had taken lots of photos in the conference and I knew him as a very well dressed up person and also a gentleman. 
As I was listening to the speech of lecturers in the International Marketing Conference , I already knew Binsi Christian ideology he had already given a good speech in that conference and he was in Iran before and were somehow as warmhearted as Iranians and I was really eager to see him and talk to him and fortunately I had that chance and we took lots of pictures together. Marion had a nice voice; he was very intimate and intelligent person just like a perfect history teacher. 
I realized something important in Mikkel speech that he talks more on data analysis and information matrixes well this is my specialty and when he was talking about the analysis and matrixes information outputs I realized that he confirms on analyzing mathematical and statistical information and also their information output in web marketing. Well it’s better not to get on the details so much.

I had started good relations with Christian it was just like my relations with Hamid and I had the feeling that Christian belongs to Iran and he was not like a stranger for me. He is known as ethical man and is very popular among Iranian web marketing team. 
I had a good chance to know much more about Mikkel in the 5 hours I spent with him , In spite of having a very high knowledge he also had the attributes of a kind teacher rather than a standoffish and spiritless businessmen . He was kind, warm hearted and intimate and he was very calm and gracious man. 
on the way we had chats about age and other things that two men usually talk about when they want to know each other first. The weather inside the car was much cooler and Mikkel asked me how old are you? And I replied 42 and then I asked the same question and he replied 47 but he looked much longer than that and we both said that at the same time that you look much younger and we both laughed and I told him give me five, so he did and he asked me how many children I have and I said I divorced my wife 3 years ago and we did not talk about it anymore. 


I parked the car at the Municipality parking as we reached Tajrish, all Mikkel luggage was in the car he only took his camera and started shooting photos. He had an eager for the colors especially to the colorful flags in street and took dozens of photos. He is a very calm and patient man and his behavior is like a kind father and a teacher. We had a soft drink and I had a cigarette and waited for Samira to come she phoned and said she is on the way. 
We started walking toward Tajrish Bazaar, we went on a shop and Mikkel wanted to buy barberry and he got two pounds then Samira came and joined us he bought other little things I think it was Saffron and then the three of us walked in the Bazaar. I asked him if he was hungry and he said no and would let me know whenever he is hungry but I was very hungry but I did not waste time on eating and I let him to enjoy the bazaar. Mikkel constantly took pictures of views, fruits, and shops and also from me and Samira he was a color hunter I wish his kids were with him so he could enjoy his trip even more but from other hand I knew that he had a busy work schedule and his children might not have had a good time.
It was interesting that this guy had an artistic view about everything , his camera diaphragm constantly got wide and tallow on different things from green papers to tomato, watches , fruit selling children, fruit juices and flags. 
It was getting close to 5:00 pm that meant we were in the Bazaar for almost 3 hours, I asked Mikkel to move toward the airport which was about 80 Km from Bazzar and as it was the traffic peak time I was worried that all my plans get ruined and not proceed as I planned for it I knew there was a heavy traffic ahead of us I was fully aware of the traffic and roads conditions so we had to head toward the airport. Mikkel agreed and On the way to the airport the three of us talked and listened to music and he still took pictures of roads and flags . We arrived exactly on time to the international airport, I took his luggage and parked the car. He had a bag which was more than 40kg and was very heavy as I put it on the cart but we managed to pass the checking area anyhow and the controlling officer said he has to go the boarding area and wait there and unfortunately we did not have the chance to eat lunch or better saying dinner together and the officer did not let us to go through the boarding area and we said goodbye to him and me and Samira headed back to Tehran. I drove Samira to her house as it was late at night. 
While I spent couple of hours with Mikkel I concluded that:
First of all that preparing a conference has its complications , everything has to proceed on timely manners , here I find out that Hamid Sepidnam had done a great effort for this and I want to thank him here. It is also not a very easy job for the experts and this job has its own diplomacy and a lot of responsibilities. 
Second I learned that if you like something and truly look for it with love that thing is going to happen for you one day. I really loved the fact that Mikkel truly loved his family and kids and it reminded me of my own father and all his kindness as we were kids , now seeing Mikkel and his love for his children I understood and appreciate my father love to me more and I really wanted to see Mikkel whether in Netherland or Iran or anywhere else in the world and that happened even without me having arranged plans for it I got a chance to spend 5 hours of my life with him and see him and I think he is a great man who loves his family and he is a big artist and I think we should learn kindness from him and other people like him and not always only learn to do business and other lessons . Life is only worthy of kindness and love and I learned this from Mikkel. 

3. I truly understood the meaning of global village we were neighbors in that global village and Facebook is a huge blessing which make people to come closer to each other and in some cases even makes them relatives. We all are a member of that global village. I, Mikkel, Hamid, Samira , Christian each have our own business and hassles but we can also benefit from each other. 
I had a great day with Mikkel and also a great experience , though I had a lecture in the University the day after and was very tired and hungry ; the sweetness of that half day relieved all the hardship and I really enjoyed the pictures Mikkel took from me and made me feel much better. I reached home at 10:00 pm as I was very tired as soon as I had my dinner I fell asleep. 
The next day when I woke up in the morning I realized that Mikkel had sent me a message saying that he has got home and thanked me. I was happy to hear that and a smile came on my lips. I was happy that I did the correct time planning and took the responsibility and managed to do the job on time so that Mikkel can go back to his home and be with his beautiful children and be happy with his family and that brought me the most joy and pleasure of the day. 
At the end I want to thank Hamid for providing a chance for us in these two conferences to see and meet with Christian whom we all love him and also Mikkel. 
Mikkel is a kind and friendly man and I hope to see him and his family again in Tehran also Christian and his family. 
I was suppose to write that memory after ten days but I unfortunately did not have time to do it and now 40 days has passed that I am writing it. 
Hope to see you again 
Hossein Zeinivand
Chief Executive officer at Kaysan E- commerce 
October 1st 
Tehran – Iran 

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